Big Blue Nation is EVERYWHERE! (Even in Maine)

18 Jun


We woke up this morning to a steady rain outside, but it stopped before we walked over to the main part of the house to have our breakfast.  The innkeepers are Sharon and Jim, and they make a great team.  They run the inn together, but Jim is also the chef.  And what a chef he is!  For starters, we were served polenta with a golden raisin rum sauce with fresh fruit.  I’d never eaten polenta as a warm breakfast cereal, but it worked very well in this dish.  Next, they brought us Eggs Blackberry.  This was Jim’s own creation, named after their establishment, The Inn at Blackberry Commons.  It consisted of two pieces of homemade bread, toasted, topped with either ham or salmon, (Jimmy went with the salmon, I had the ham), two poached eggs on top of that, and topped with a mayo-aoli sauce and fresh asparagus.  This wonderful breakfast was included with our room for the night.  It was outstanding!



As we sat in the little dining room enjoying our breakfast, we struck up a conversation with the couple next to us.  It turns out, they both grew up in Kentucky, he in Corbin and she in Louisville!  The University of Kentucky shirt that Jimmy proudly wore today was the conversation starter.  We found that Jimmy and the man had been students there at close to the same time.  We talked for a minute or two longer, then went our separate ways, wishing each other safe travels.

We loaded the car and since it was still overcast from the rain, decided to drive out to the Owls Head lighthouse.  We wanted to give the skies time to clear before we drove up to Mount Battie, where we were told you could see for miles in all directions.  Owls Head lighthouse is near a little tiny fishing village.  It consisted of a place that sold lobsters, a general store, post office, and pond that was for the exclusive use of the local fired department.


Owls Head Post Office


Duly noted!

We parked at the little parking lot and trudged up hill to the lighthouse.  It was smaller than the others we’d visited but the views were awesome.  That’s where we met another member of the Big Blue Nation.  As we were walking down from the lighthouse, a family was walking up.  Once again, the UK shirt was the conversation starter.  The man said, “Kentucky eh”?  Jimmy said, yes.  Turns out the man grew up in Middlesboro and was raised on UK basketball.  He and his family now reside in Virginia.  The man said he vividly remembered growing up and hearing his dad yell at Adolph Rupp through the TV.  He and Jimmy talked awhile, then we were on our way.








Jimmy chats with another UK fan.

Since we’d walked every bit of 1/2 mile by now, it was time for an early lunch.  Aspen, the very helpful attendant at the inn the previous night, steered us to the Owls Head General Store.  It is known for it’s 7 napkin burger, but their real claim to fame is the fact that Bobby Flay challenged them to a throw-down and they beat him!

We were greeted by Sherry, a little white haired lady that is just the sweetest thing!  I imagine that much of the store’s success is due to Sherry’s involvement.  You can tell she absolutely loves her job and takes such good care of everyone that comes in.  We enjoyed chatting with her very much.  One of the things I love the most about travel is getting an opportunity to meet nice people like her.  The general store is just as cute as a button, and looks like it could have been taken right off the streets of Mayberry.

Jimmy and I both ordered the 7 napkin burger, chips and iced tea.  I can see why Bobby Flay met his match here, the burger was outstanding!  I’m proud to say I finished mine with 6 napkins and one wet-nap.  Does that equal 7 napkins?










Six napkins and a wet-nap!

As we waited for our burgers, a local couple asked us if we liked blueberries.  We assured them that we did.  They said, well you must come back and try the blueberry pancakes next time,  they are the best pancakes in Maine.  Hmmm, sounds like a good reason to come back soon!

By the time we finished the burgers, the skies had cleared and we headed back to Camden to drive up to the summit of Mount Battie.  It was a beautiful drive and when we reached the top, we were rewarded with some beautiful scenery.










We climbed the observation tower for the best view. The wind up there gave us matching hairdos!


20140618_133456_1After Mount Battie, we wound our way Northward with our ultimate destination to be Bar Harbor.  We stopped at the Breakwater in Rockland and really enjoyed the walk out to see the Rockland Breakwater light house.  The Rockland Breakwater was started in 1881 and was constructed from almost 1 million tons of solid granite.  It is actually an engineering marvel if you think about it.  It is very level, but you have to watch your footing because the granite pieces are placed to fit like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  There is no mortar to hold them together, just huge chunks of granite expertly placed.  It is 7/8 of a mile down the whole length of the breakwater to the lighthouse.  You really can’t watch the scenery too much though as you’re walking, you have to pick your way among the cracks to be sure to stay on the solid granite.


The path to the breakwater


On the breakwater looking back toward shore.


The lighthouse comes into view on the end of the breakwater



20140618_124201_1After that little walk, it was on to Bar Harbor for the night.  We checked in to another family-run inn, and were given a tour by a very knowledgable lady who works at the inn.  She told us all about the house that was to later become the Bass Cottage Inn.  It is a beautiful old home and was built in 1893 by the Bass family.  They began to open their home to summer visitors, as many homes did here when Bar Harbor gained popularity in the late 1800s- early 1900s.  Back in the day, there was the belief that it was healthy for people to embrace a rustic lifestyle, therefore the islanders were called “Rusticators.”  I think they were on to something there!  We thoroughly enjoyed the Bar Harbor history lesson and were also given some great pointers on things to do and places to eat while in town.  We dropped off our suitecases and took a walk on the Harbor path that rings its way around the harbor.  It was there that we met another member of BBN.  As we approached a fellow walker on the harbor path, he yelled, “Go Big Blue!” Jimmy greeted him in return and as we passed, he yelled, “UK ALL THE WAY!” They exchanged exuberant “thumbs-up” and we continued on our stroll.

















The ferns here grow wild and some are as large as 3 feet tall. They are beautiful!

After the harbor walk, we threaded our way back to the waterfront, enjoying the sights along the way.


The fire hydrants in Maine are marked with a pole at the top so they can be easily located in heavy snow that’s common here in the winter.



The old burial grounds for the town. Graves dating back to the early 1700s.


20140618_180430_1And to end a lovely day, a lovely meal on the deck overlooking the waterfront park.  Squash cakes over arugula for me, and twin lobster tails for Jimmy.  What a treat!







2 Responses to “Big Blue Nation is EVERYWHERE! (Even in Maine)”

  1. Pat Lewis June 19, 2014 at 9:04 am #

    Looks like another wonderful day of good food and beautiful scenery. Enjoy your last day most of all.. See you soon..

  2. Sarah June 20, 2014 at 11:56 am #

    UK fans are so nice :) Beautiful pictures!!

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